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MPS - Florimark Trade

MPS - Florimark Good Trade Practice

About us

Green Partners is the largest flower processing and bouquet production company in Europe. Day in, day out we deliver hundreds of thousands of fresh bouquets of cut flowers to supermarkets, garden centres and fuel stations across the continent. We offer a bespoke service. Like no other, we know what is going on in the global marketplace, consumer shopping habits and how you can capitalize on these things on the shop floor at acceptable prices.

We are a stable, financially healthy organization. We have been around for more than 25 years, during which time we have experienced continuous growth. This is reflected in our extensive knowledge, experience and expertise.

But we are still young, ambitious and keen to learn. What's more, flexibility - a prerequisite in a market highly susceptible to change - is in our DNA. As is innovation, keeping us ahead of the game and capable of supplying and surprising customers each and every day.