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In search of Green Partners


MPS - Florimark Trade

MPS - Florimark Good Trade Practice

Core values

As Green Partners we stand for: cooperation, adaptability, quality and customer focus. 


Cooperation (Great Partnership) 

We are committed to in-depth cooperation throughout the chain. The key pillars in this respect are equality, openness, mutual trust and sharing knowledge. With the consumer at the heart of our business. Such close cooperation generates the best possible results for all participating partners. 


Adaptability (Giving Possibilities)

We are a flexible, decisive company. One of our strengths is our ability to capitalize on fluctuating order levels, changing demand and new customer requirements. What's more, we keep ahead of market developments and are fully equipped to adapt quickly where required. 


Quality (Good Performance)

Our fundamental principle has always been quality, both in terms of the product and our organization. We guarantee that our products meet the agreed quality standards. What's more, operational excellence, process management and expertise are at the heart of our company.


Customer focus (Grown Professionalism)

Being customer-oriented, we go the extra mile for our customers. Our specialist, segmented way of working, coupled with our no-nonsense culture only help to make that easier. We take care of things for each and every customer, whatever it takes, with a great deal of enthusiasm. We are professional in every sense of the word. A leading, solid, reliable partner with the relevant skills and expertise, backed by 25 years of experience. We believe passionately in continuous improvement, especially through innovation. We invest in our staff, the chain and the environment.