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MPS - Florimark Trade

MPS - Florimark Good Trade Practice


1990 - The foundation

Green Partners was founded on 1st January 1990, with at its heart the floristry business of Cees de Klerk Wolters, which included craft markets in Vlaardingen and flower shops in Delft. Soon after, our vision and future prospects led us to shift our attention to export volumes. We designed small bouquets, plant containers and flower arrangements that were sold at auction. Even then, quality always came first and we rapidly created an excellent reputation for ourselves whilst still working from our original location in Delft.

1993 – On our way to the auction

It was Sionsplant who organised premises for us to facilitate the production of flower arrangements for Marks & Spencer: a wonderful and challenging assignment that quickly turned into a success. But ambition drove us onwards. The production was expanded to include bouquets: all still hand-produced back then.

1996 – Always on the move

In the period from 1996 to 2000, rapid and continued growth forced us to find larger locations within the old auction several times. By then, we had become a renowned production and export business with a fantastic reputation. Quality, flexibility and efficiency were already unique products in those days. They shaped our future and laid the foundation for an increase in volumes, brand recognition and, last but not least, professionalism.

2000 – Joining the Dutch Flower Group (DFG)

In 2000 we were approached by the DFG, which was established as the result of a merger between the OZ Group and the Van Duyn Group. Working together has made both parties stronger and, through a combination of strengths, economies of scale and knowledge sharing, it has provided plenty of opportunities for further growth and the realisation of the next step in our mission: to become the largest, most reliable and most professional partner for the development, production and export of private label bouquets to retail chains in Europe.

2001 – Move to Trade Park Westland in Honselersdijk

An additional advantage of joining the DFG was the facilitation of the development and construction of efficient new joint premises in the Westland Trade Park, which had all the necessary room and facilities to optimise our further growth potential. It was a huge step towards further professionalisation and new milestones.

2003 – Collaboration with Intergreen

This year, Intergreen and Green Partners started working closely together within DFG, collaborating in various ways in their pursuit of the most efficient work methods. We took over Intergreen’s (now former) “Europa Unit”, which focused on the continent, and successfully developed it further.
Incidentally, the DFG Kenya was also founded in 2003, putting us in an even better position to collaborate with selected partner growers and produce the best possible products for the best possible prices for our customers: directly from the source.

2007 – Participation in Qualiflor

Qualiflor, a company that focuses on improved sourcing and has a French sales office in Lille and a Dutch subsidiary in Honselersdijk, was founded in 1988 as “Distrifleurs” and changed its name in 1994. As Green Partners, we obtained a 50% participation in Qualiflor in 2007, which meant that through this specialist in French retail we were able to further develop ourselves and improve our position in this country. The cooperation quickly became a success.

2012 – Acquisition of Triangle Flowers

Switzerland, too, posed a challenge for us, because its different laws and regulations and the complicated flows made specialisation and a separate focus absolutely essential. Through the acquisition of Triangle Flowers we managed to acquire the knowledge and expertise we required. Since then, Switzerland has also become an important and thriving market for us.

2012 – First production location abroad

The realisation of a more efficient work method in the chain and the goal to operate closer to the customer lead to the start-up of our own production location in England for the processing of bouquets for the UK market. Another step in the internationalisation process! As a result, we are in an even better position to respond to all facets of the changing demand.

2013 – €100 million in sales!

Also in 2013: an absolute milestone. Not just because of the nice round number, but especially because nowadays it is key to remain competitive through sufficient volumes and scale. Through a strong, solid and stable organisation, it is essential to take those vital next steps and find a new goal on the horizon.

2014 – 4 GPs

Things are changing fast within the sector. Luckily Green Partners is a company that can adapt rapidly to market developments and the collective need for more collaboration in the value chain. Where our operations used to focus on time, we have increasingly been looking for collaborations with (strategic) partners, with Together! as our motto. To get our current vision and the way we think “out there” we have used the G and the P of Green Partners in 4 different fitting ways to express the core values we stand for today: