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MPS - Florimark Trade

MPS - Florimark Good Trade Practice


Green Partners is the largest flower processing and bouquet production company in Europe. We specialize in supply chain segmentation, offering major retailers bespoke products according to their desired concept. Operating as one company, we supply the highest quality cut flowers and bouquets to three major retail segments: discount supermarkets, full-service supermarkets and garden centre chains. 


Discount supermarkets

We supply fresh cut flowers and bouquets in large volumes and always according to agreements. Our service is primarily about efficient processing and handling. Cost price is the most important factor for the discount segment, and so we keep our added costs to a minimum. Consequently, all kinds of added value are of less importance. 


Full-service supermarkets

We offer a versatile service within this segment. The volumes are not as large, but we add in a lot of extras, in various areas. Notable examples include bespoke market research, retail concepts and targeted product development. 


Garden centre chains

For major retail chains, we offer an all-inclusive service, assuming overall responsibility for their flower shelves. We take care of everything, from deciding what to include in the range to targeted sourcing and private label packaging to consumer-oriented presentation and information provision on the shelf. If needs be, we can do all this at shop level. In the process, we relieve the customer of all the hassle, right down to the tiniest details.