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MPS - Florimark Trade

MPS - Florimark Good Trade Practice



Green Partners has held Fairtrade certification since 2005. Fairtrade helps farmers and workers in developing countries to acquire a better position in the supply chain, enabling them to live off their work and invest in a sustainable future. Fairtrade is both a hallmark and a worldwide movement. Fairtrade certification demonstrates that Green Partners satisfies the highest standards in terms of social and environmental matters. 

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MPS - Florimark Trade

The Trade certificate is a certificate especially for suppliers of flowers and plants. Florimark-certified suppliers guarantee the right quality and maximum reliability. The certificate is specifically focused on quality and reliability.

MPS-Florimark Trade comprises two sub-certificates:

  •        Good Trade Practice
  •        ISO 9001:2015


MPS - Florimark Good Trade Practice

This certificate confirms that we satisfy environmental, social and quality requirements.

Click here to view the Florimark Good Trace Practice certificate.   


ISO 9001:2015

The certificate for quality control, customer satisfaction and chain quality.

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Organic flowers are produced in a way that complies with organic standards from BIO SKAL, and the European regulations. This means that the flowers are grown without fertilizer and without artificial pesticides. Skal Biocontrole is dedicated to proving the reliability of organic products in the Netherlands. Organizations with the Organic logo meet the standards from BIO SKAL. This way, the consumer can be sure that an organic product really is organic.

Click here to view the Bio-certificate.